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Matt Calder

Artist in Wood and Clay
Matt Calder

"My Journey to pottery has been via 35 years of woodturning and wood sculpture.

Ceramics and the discipline of throwing clay has been a constant source of inspiration for my woodwork, and I enjoy having the ceramics as a functional side of my making." 

Matt's stoneware ceramic work is primarily functional  - focussing mainly on kitchen and tableware, reflecting a subtle japanese influence.

Inspired by potters such as John Leach, Sven Bayer and Nic Collins, each piece retains an air of individuality but maintains its functionality and an undeniably unique presence.

Matts own glaze recipes using salt and wood ash give the exteriors of his work a soft burnt-like texture and his very earthy, natural and calming finishes are particularly alluring. His ceramic works have universal appeal and are perfect pieces to use on display as well as for practicality.