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Matt Calder

My Journey to pottery has been via 35 years of woodturning and wood sculpture.

The discipline of throwing clay has always been a constant source of inspiration for my woodwork, and my current move away from wood to focus on ceramics feels a natural progression.


My stoneware ceramic work is primarily functional  - focussing mainly on kitchen and tableware, reflecting a subtle japanese influence.

While my ceramics are loosely 'production pottery', I try to give each piece an air of individuality while maintaining its functionality and hopefully a unique presence.

Work is fired in an electric / oxidation atmosphere, to 1230c.

My own glaze recipes often use salt, soda and / or wood ash, to give the exteriors of work a soft burnt-like texture - aiming for an earthy, natural and calming finish. I like my work to be perfect pieces to use on display - as well as for practical use.

My Wood Sculpture is now mainly to commission - work can be seen HERE.

Matt Calder throwing a pottery jug
Previous Exhibitions

Landmark Art Fair.​


Glastonbury Festival Green Fields.


WOMAD Festival.

MAP Gallery - Exeter

Work is also available from Ella's Gallery - Exmouth.

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